We Back Teams That Believe in Endless Opportunity 

We are a blockchain technology venture capital firm focused on supporting visionary founders at early-stages of company formation and growth. We help ambitious companies to think big and succeed. We partner with disruptive founders to accelerate their ideas to market.


We invest in visionary entrepreneurs and disruptive blockchain technology companies who are driven to push the limits of what’s possible.


The companies we support receive more than just capital. They benefit from the combined expertise, industry knowledge and access to global network.


As key advisors and investors, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive advisory and ongoing value on a range of strategic advisory transactions.

What Makes Us Different?
Blockchain Focus

We are exclusively focused on blockchain technology sector and crypto ecosystem.

Long Term Investors

We’ve been investing in blockchain and crypto assets since 2013.

Non-Speculative Use Case

Instead of short-term speculation, we are on the front line helping token adoption.

Early Stage Investment

We support visionary founders at early stages of company formation and growth.

Global Presence

We have global reach, with a presence in United States and Middle East.

Active Portfolio

Our investment portfolio includes more than 25 assets in blockchain technology sector.

Serving Blockchain Companies on a Mission to Build The Future

Block Ventures is a venture capital firm; investing across all regions and sectors of blockchain technology – including initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency and dApps. From seed stage to growth investment, we have invested in some of the most successful and important blockchain technology companies.



We partner with disruptive blockchain technology companies to accelerate their growth. We invest in projects and fearless leaders that believe in endless opportunity and are driven to push the limits of what’s possible. We’ve been fortunate to invest in some very big ideas.

We are blockchain technology investors who provide capital to fuel growth



We are always on the lookout for entrepreneurial teams with a vision of how to make a significant impact in the blockchain industry. Whether you are already on your way or just getting started, we want to hear from you.